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Re: Help needed?

> In the newsgroup comp.os.linux.m68k I noticed a mere "distress call" for help, 
> so.. I'm quite a beginner for what the Mac concerns, but I've been using Debian 
> for 3 years now on the i386 platform and I'm installing Slink on my Centris
> 610 at he moment.. Maybe time to dive into things a bit more!
> So.. Where can I jump in?

Get the boot-floppies source and start hacking away. Christian Steigies
built a base2_2.tgz in the meantime but failed on the drivers floppy image
and ramdisks part. Disable the base archive target in the makefile (so
you should get away with a partial mirror only) and try to get the ramdisk
(root.bin) built. The installer app (busybox/dbootstrap) apparently built
OK so it's a matter of tweaking shell scripts AFAICS.


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