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Re: libc5 support in X?

> > In that case, I plan to drop Xlib libc5-compatibility for m68k in woody.
> > 
> > We might as well retain it in potato, this close to the release.
> Michael, did you read Brandens announcement by now?

Yep (the URL you quoted, if that's what you mean; there were no

> Please, no more (unnecessary) changes to xfree, last time I built it, libc5
> packages were built fine, and that is good. Its the first time since a very
> long time that it worked. Lets let libc5 in for xfree-3.3.6 and drop it
> whenever we have a chance to get a working x4.0 for m68k. Last I heard, my 
> hardware is not even supported yet.

I have never been advocating using 4.0 for anything right now. I'm in the
15 minute 'add trace message, rebuild, reinstall, start X server, reboot,
fsck' cycle myself right now on PPC. Sorry if I did sound more optimistic
than that. 

> I will start building the lastest xfree 3.3.6 tonight, 4.0 has to wait till
> after potato, lets give Branden some time to repackage it.

XFree 4.0 needs major fixes not only on m68k. I'm sure Branden is done
packaging it long before we can reasonably hope to have functional


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