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RE: Slink install on Falcon. Can't make a boot floppy

> Root-NFS: Unable to open at least one network device
> Root-NFS: Unable to contact NFS server for root fs, using /dev/fd0
> instead
> VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER
> .... at which point I'm dead in the water again!
> I admit this problem might also be a lack of my reading but I don't recall
> seeing anything in install.txt that talked about this or needing a boot
> floppy.  I could be wrong though.

It's the result of ignoring the following section of the install guide:

So, one last step is required from you before you can boot your freshly 
installed Linux: Go to the directory containing the installation files
and start up a texteditor into which you need to enter just one line:

    -s -k linux root=/dev/yyyy video=keep

   In this line, replace the


with the Linux partition name of the root partition onto which you

More reading for you ...


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