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Re: Test 2.2.10 kernel images/modules/etc. for Atari and Mac

> > this is to announce Debian 2.2 (potato) test kernels for Atari and Mac.
> > I'd like to know how these kernels perform on a variety of machines, in
> > order to see whether they are fit for use in the 2.2 boot-floppies. Please
> > post any unusual problems with those kernels to the mailing list(s).
> On the IIci here, the kernel seems to work fine except it doesn't run my
> Asante NIC.  It sees it in the NuBus scan but I got no eth0.  Would any
> other info help?

Thanks for testing; could you check if loading the mac89x0.o module helps? 
(depmod -a; modprobe mac89x0 should do it).


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