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Test 2.2.10 kernel images/modules/etc. for Atari and Mac


this is to announce Debian 2.2 (potato) test kernels for Atari and Mac.
I'd like to know how these kernels perform on a variety of machines, in
order to see whether they are fit for use in the 2.2 boot-floppies. Please
post any unusual problems with those kernels to the mailing list(s).

The kernels are packages as gzip compressed tar archives and each contain
kernel image, symbol table, config file used for building and a gzip
compressed tar archive containing the modules. The modules need to be
unpacked from the root of the file system tree, e.g. 

cd /
tar xvfz /<path>/modules-2.2.10-[atari,mac].tar.gz

after unpacking the kernel-2.2.10-[atari,mac].tar.gz someplace. 

The files can be found at:


(may be a bit slow, it's a TT box)

Thanks in advance for testing,


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