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Clock problem.

Hi all,
I read all the messagges about Y2k problem some weeks ago. So I changed the
time on my amiga
whit hwclock from Linux. Everything went fine and I got the correct time on my
AmigaOS. After some day I reload linux and I see that the time is not correct.
So I reset and I load the AmigaOS, and the time is incorrect too. I try to do
the same thing, correcting the time on linux, but after a certain period
the time is not correct. I read that the problem is the AmigaOS,
I tried to change the year (on my amigaos) and it can accept only years from
1991 to 2099. Is the amigaos clock time incompatible whit hwclock (maybe for
the range of the years)?
How can I resolve this strange problem?
Thanks for your attention,

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