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Re: Ethernet not so good.

At 9:21 PM -0600 12/29/99, Lon Shapiro wrote:
>On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Tony Mantler wrote:
>> Speaking of the troubles you described, have you tried moving your machine
>> to a different network and reproducing your troubles? I'm no ethernet guru,
>> but I would expect the ethernet frame errors to be entirely the
>> responsibility of the ethernet hardware rather than the driver, perhaps
>> being triggered by a poor ethernet cable or braindead hub or something.
>I am tempted to cart it into my office - and may yet if this goes on much
>longer. My inclination would be to say that hardware is OK due to working
>fine (all troublesome protocals) under MacOS on same machine. But I am a
>real rookie when it comes to networking HW/SW.

If the MacOS driver is doing some unknown sillywalk to tell the card to
re-get a corrupted frame that the linux driver doesn't know how to do, then
in theory the linux driver will end up with mysteriously
corrupted/vanishing network packets, which can result in stalled
connections and the like while the packet times out and retransmits, while
the MacOS side will show no symptoms.

On the slightly less technical end, a nicely worded nastygram to Asante
asking them to release all their internal specs or write an opensource
driver or something along those lines could possibly help. I seem to recall
they're rather bitchy about releasing their specs.

>ps - I've tried talking my daughter out of her iMac, but I guess I'll have
>to wait before I can give up my quadra ;)

Hehe, I'll live. :)

Cheers - Tony :)

Tony Mantler         Renaissance Nerd Extraordinaire         eek@escape.ca
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                       http://www.escape.ca/~eek

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