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Re: Ethernet not so good.

> > Are you sure telnetd or ftpd are enabled on your machine?
> Yes, this is what is in inetd.conf:

> > But the outgoing connections should still work. I recall others on
> > linux-mac68k reporting ICMP packets working fine but TCP being broken,
> > but don't remember the fix for it (might be a bug in the code copying
> > large data packets to/from the Nubus card).
> Would that show up in ifconfig's error report?

It should, but what exactly are these numbers reported by ifconfig? Are
you sure your ifconfig matches the kernel version (the /proc/net/dev
format was changed in 2.1)? 

> > What kernel does show this problem?  Did you try a more recent kernel
> > version? 
>  2.2.10 #1 Fri Oct 15 12:37:26 EDT 1999 m68k unknown

Should be recent enough. Do you see further ethernet (or Nubus) interrupts
after the TCP connect stalls? 


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