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Re: Ethernet not so good.

> I've been playing with a similar config (same box, new Asante NIC,
> 2.2.10). My ping reports no packet loss (23 packet test), but 1.1 avg
> time. I can ping just about anywhere inside our (iwu's) firewall which
> eats ping packets for lunch. What I cannot seem to do is telnet/ftp out
> or in (works fine under MacOS). I can (oddly) lynx to slashdot -- but not
> always to other sites (even those inside the firewall). telnet/ftp seem to
> connect but stall after connection (I looked at logs on the remote

Are you sure telnetd or ftpd are enabled on your machine? But the outgoing
connections should still work. I recall others on linux-mac68k reporting
ICMP packets working fine but TCP being broken, but don't remember the fix
for it (might be a bug in the code copying large data packets to/from the
Nubus card). What kernel does show this problem? Did you try a more recent
kernel version? 


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