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Re: Bootdisks?

> > > I see that you've made the leap to glibc 2.1.  Is that complete?
> > 
> > It's only just begun (there were problems with gcc miscompiling things
> > that got fixed last week). 
> You're making me nervous :)

You really make me cry ... We've had to hold out on the glibc 2.1
migration not only because of the backwards compatibility brokenness
everybody had to cope with but also because m68k patches to gcc seem to
take forever to infiltrate the upstream source. We decided to try anyway
early December but gcc turned out to still miscompile with -fPIC on
occasion so David had to recompile gcc again. We're now in the 'testing
glibc2.1 yet again' phase while running the buildd machine with the new
packages already. So far it seems to work out :-) 

> > Did the 2.1r<last> changes to disks-m68k happen already? (Phil Hands
> > wanted to know which of the disks-m68k subdirs was the right one, and I
> > described what to do WRT CDs and FTP area. Sorry I forgot to CC you ...)
> Is this about the set in Incoming, the one marked "not official
> release"?  It seems odd to put that in stable.

That one exactly. We only had to change the Amiga kernel and the Atari
installer (the fdisk lib routines, precisely) and that was originally done
in April, rejected at that time (not security related) and recently
reuploaded when Vincent asked us to provide a new boot-floppies version.

Vincent's call for updates (nothing m68k related changed):

-- from Incoming/ on master:

 [*] kernel-source-2.0.38_2.0.38-0_i386
 [*] pcmcia-cs_3.0.5-10.slink.1
   - misc important fixes
   [MISSING: m68k, sparc, alpha]

Also missing: boot-floppies (2.1.11) recompiled using the 2 above packages
the updated libstdc++.
i386: being done by Adam.
m68k, sparc, alpha: ????? please volunteer


There's no 2.0.38 for m68k, and no pcmcia either. I missed the libstdc++
thing (no idea what that was about) but we agreed that the only reason for
us to update boot-floppies was to add kernel and installer fixes that had
been previously rejected). 
It's not that I'm just lazy: I tried to build the slink boot-floppies from
the source uploaded to Incoming for that purpose on short notice but that
failed because the only machine I could build it on (fast enough) runs
potato and the slink boot-floppies require newt0.25 which requires
slang1 << 1.3. The potato version of slang is higher. 

In summary: there's no 'real 2.1r4' boot-floppies upgrade for m68k, and
there won't ever be one. The update in Incoming fixes important problems,
it would be helpful for people out there to have it included (who knows
how long we'll have to wait for potato boot floppies) but it's probably
against policy to include it. As you will easily notice, I've about had


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