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Fw: A1200 with Cobra & Ferret.

Hi All,

    I have been trying for some time now to install Linux, (Both RH &
Debian) on my A1200. It works fine with the internal 170Mb drive buts
its way too small.

    My 4.5GB SCSI-II drive and CD-ROM are connected via my Ferret
SCSI-II controler, which is a daughter board to the DKB Cobra 68030
Accel card.

    It seems that Neither Flavor of linux is supporting this card, has
anyone compiled a kernel or any drivers to support this card?

    I found some history of 2 guy's writing a driver for NetBSD but
neither are still at their 1996 Email address's.

If anyone has an initrd.img for install or a kernel with DKB Ferret
support please let me know.

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