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tcp/ip problem

I have a Quadra 950 running the 2.2.10 kernel with a Asante nubus
network card. What happens is that I can boot fine, ping and traceroute
without nameresolving works fine, apt-get with http to an already
resolved host works.

The resolv.conf has correct setup with two local nameservers included,
which works fine for other machines.

But, most names won't resolve (at least not within 30 seconds of
waiting, when I ftp to somewhere I get the User and Password prompt, but
then it just hangs/stalls. Ftp or telnet into the machine establishes a
connection, but it won't give any login prompts.

If anyone have input on this at all I would very much appreciate it.

Mikael  Svenson
Funcom Oslo AS - Game Designer            Image is Everything
Work: +4722420102 Mobile: +4790751013      Thirst is Nothing
aka Wobba/Crusaders                         Obey your Mirror

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