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Re: CD images - m68k "fix"

> > 'current' indeed still seems to be the March release. I've uploaded
> > updates for the Atari and Amiga boot floppies last week (in fact,
> > re-uploaded the .changes file because of a public key problem) but that
> > didn't make it into r4 yet. I'm a bit annoyed about that ...
> So, what's the recommended course of action now?  I could just do what
> seems the right thing to do (i.e. point current at the latest in the
> archive and remove the other one) but I'd prefer that someone that
> actually knows what's really going on (i.e. you by the sounds of it)
> told me.

What is the latest in the archive? When I looked yesterday, there was no
new release? I see the 2.1.9-1999-06-06 stuff but that's just the update
I made quite a while ago. It either showed up overnight or I overlooked it

Ok, what needs to be done is: get the ftp admins to duplicate the
2.1.8-1999-03-01 tree, then move the stuff from 2.1.9-1999-06-06 into the
new tree according to the disks-m68k.map file. Or make them use the
install-disks-m68k.sh script (I think I tested it but they should double
check). There's a corresponding cd-m68k.map file to show how things should
fit into the CD scheme of things, too. One important note on the CD boot 
stuff: the Amiga and Atari bootstraps (ataboot, amiboot) need to be
executable (and possibly the script/icon things for Amiga as well), right
now the execute bits are missing in the amigainstall.tar.gz archive. 
> That way I get to blame you when people whine about not being able to
> boot their CDs ;-)

Blame whoever you like :-) The 2.1.9-1999-06-06 directory won't work as
is, only after it's merged into the 2.1.8-1999-03-01 one. Either retain
current unchanged so people can at least boot, or merge the updates into
the current tree as indicated. 


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