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Re: CD images - m68k "fix"

> === M68K related ===
> > On the m68k binary-1, there are *three* complete disks-m68k directories. The
> > current/ and ...03-01/ both take up ~67 MB. When these are removed, the CD
> > image size will be 736 - 134 = ~602 MB. AFAICS, they're okay otherwise.
> Given that ``current'' is supposed to be a symlink, 67MB has certainly
> been wasted, but why is ``current'' not pointing at the latest?  Does
> this indicate that the newer directory is not ready yet?

'current' indeed still seems to be the March release. I've uploaded
updates for the Atari and Amiga boot floppies last week (in fact,
re-uploaded the .changes file because of a public key problem) but that
didn't make it into r4 yet. I'm a bit annoyed about that ...


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