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Re: CD images - m68k "fix"

"J.A. Bezemer" <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

> Hi!
=== M68K related ===

> On the m68k binary-1, there are *three* complete disks-m68k directories. The
> current/ and ...03-01/ both take up ~67 MB. When these are removed, the CD
> image size will be 736 - 134 = ~602 MB. AFAICS, they're okay otherwise.

Given that ``current'' is supposed to be a symlink, 67MB has certainly
been wasted, but why is ``current'' not pointing at the latest?  Does
this indicate that the newer directory is not ready yet?

It looks OK to me, so I'll get rid of the disks-m68k/2.1.8-1999-03-01
directory, and it should then fit --- I'd appreciate it if the m68k
crew could decide if that's the right think to do, tell me about it,
and get the ftp archive tidied up so that only one set of disks

=== I386 related ===

> When I checked the i386 image, you've only current/ in disks-i386 (not a
> symlink to the dated version). IMHO this is bad, but not too bad to generate
> new images. Just something to think about for the next run ;-)

This is odd.  I'll look into it.

=== SPARC related ===

> And about sparc: can't you force generation even with dependency
> problems? Or otherwise can't lprng be removed from the distro
> completely during image generation?  Better slightly broken images
> than no images at all. (And I think most people think that way...)

I think lprng is a fairly important package, and I'd rather not make
CDs without it.  I was vaguely hoping that the prospect of missing out
on yet another CD release might galvanise the sparc crew into action,
so that we can actually have a proper CD release.

If someone can build lprng properly for sparc slink, and tell me
where is is, I'll stick it in the archive and make a CD.

Cheers, Phil.
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