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Can't cross compile the kernel. Help!

Here is what I did (on a i386 host running pure slink):
  apt-get install kernel-source-2.0.36 kernel-patch-2.0.36-m68k
  apt-get install gcc-m68k-linux binutils-m68k-linux
  cd /usr/src; tar xfzv kernel-source-2.0.36.tar.gz
  cd kernel-source-2.0.36; kp36-m68k mac

Then I downloaded kernel-image-2.0.36-mac_2.0.36-1.deb, unpacked it by hands,
and copied boot/config-2.0.36 to /usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.36/.config
Than I ran "make menuconfig" and checked that all the settings are correct.
Changed CROSS_COMPILE to m68k-linux- in Makefile and arch/m68k/mac/Makefile. 
Ran "make vmlinux". This produced lots of warning but otherwise compiled
everything fine. 

Then I did: "gzip -9vc vmlinux > vmlinuz" (borrowed from make-kpkg),
transfered vmlinuz to my Mac IIcx, changed the settings in Penguin to point to
the new image and chose "boot now". It picked up the correct kernel image,
uncompressed it without problems, wrote a single line (something like
"sys_init_.....") and hanged forever :-( If I switch back to the image, coming
with the standard kernel-image-2.0.36-mac, everything runs again fluently.

So, what do I do wrong? Could the fact that kernel-image-2.0.36-mac has the
subversion -1, but kernel-patch-2.0.36-m68k has -3 be the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance for any kind of help!

  --- Alexander.

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