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Re: Need Help with Mac II cx


Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > The SCSI driver needs work.
> I agree. Please ask on linux-mac68k if you want to know where to start.

Is this what I'm seeing?

I'm new to this list and debian, and have had some trouble installing on
a Mac IIci.

I can get as far as rebooting and going into dselect, but inevitably,
after a couple of packages, I get something like this:

Unpacking netstd (from netstd_3.07-7slink.3.deb) ...
scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 100604, scsi0, channel 0,
id 1, lun 0 Write (6) 03  62 68 02 00
scsi0 : aborting command
scsi0 :	destination target 1, lun 0
		command = Write (6) 03 62 68 02 00
NCR5380 : coroutine isn't running.
BASR: 10
ICR: 00
scsi0 : REQ not asserted, phase unknown.

NCR5380 core release=7
Base Addr: 0x00000    io_port: 50f10000   IRQ: 19.
NCR5380 : coroutine isn't running.
scsi0: no currently connected command
scsi0: issue_queue
scsi0 :	destination target 1, lun 0
		command = 10 (0x0a)04 82 d8 02 00
scsi0: disconnected_queue
scsi0 :	destination target 1, lun 0
		command = 10 (0x0a)03 62 68 02 00
scsi0: warning : target bitmask 00 lun 0 not in disconnect_queue

And then a totally frozen machine. I'm installing onto an external 1GB
drive, and at the point where it freezes the activity light is on solid.

I have to power cycle the drive and hard reboot the machine.

So is linux-mac68k the place to take this or does someone here have any
words of wisdom?

I'm still rather green, but have successfully installed RH(SPARC,
Intel), LinuxPPC, and NetBSD, so I have some exposure to Linux.

Thanks very much,
Michael Geffon     michael@esl.sakuragaoka.ac.jp
CALL Administrator
Sakuragaoka Girls' Jr. & Sr. High School,  Tokyo, Japan

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