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Re: mac install

>     I have some macs that I would like to install linux on but none are
> attatched to the internet. Is it possible to download the files I need
> for installing onto a PC and then copy them to the mac via floppy? And
> also could someone tell me what a *.hqx file is and what a *.bin file

.hxq: BinHex encoded Mac file (similar to transport encodings like
uuencode or base64 used on Unix).

.bin: in the Mac world, a MacBinary file (data and resource fork of a Mac
file packaged together for transport across non-Mac filesystems, sometimes
in transport encoding BinHex -> .bin.hqx)

.bin in the Linux world just means 'binary file', and Debian's floppy
image files have this suffix for obvious reasons. The identity of the file
name suffix between MacBinary and Debian floppy image files is purely
coincidential. That's why nothing happens when you click on resc1440.bin
on your Mac. The file is already unpacked etc. 

I believe this is covered in the Debian Mac install guide (see the section
about what files you need). 


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