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Dreaded X-windows for miggys

Hello, All

The config file for x-windows is driving me nuts.. 

Firstly this is what my specs are:

A1200 030/50, 16mb, 800mb main, 60mb swap.

Linux 2.0.36, using slink debian dist.

I have all the files I think I need.

But whilst trying config.. I dont know which gfx driver I should be using.

Also, for aga screens (which I understand is slow!) I'm using pal, with a
standard Philips CM8833II pal monitor. I dont have the specs for this and
philips will not answer.

My question is:

What type of display config would I need for this set-up. Like using a
640x215, 640x512 interlaced.

Also what driver do I use?

If some-one who has x-windows running to similar set-ups (non-(s)vga)
monitors only please :) And can send the config file for a *guide* only.. It would be
appreciated or perhaps what I should be adding.

If there are some drivers etc that I should be d/l for my set-up which are
considered important I'd appreciate what they are.

Kind regards


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