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Fittest or best-recomended and "stable" 68kMac for debian

Tell me fittest or best-recomended and "stable" 68kMac for debian.
My Performa588 recognize only 98.12 version or so. (rather old 
isn't it?) And when I try POTATO,in the installer and when I select
color or b/w display, P588 CAN'T recognize "enter"key!!! So I couldn't 
go any farther!!! 
And P588,when in "hamm" install ,in "dselect",when select xbase and install,
afterthat  it is not be installed!!!.......
  Newest 99.6.29kernel....no no 99.6.29vmlinux....installer can't
find resc1440.bin in extra harddisk(yes. it's story about "hamm").

So ...so ,please tell me your "recomended" 68k mac and it's best

Today I went around AKIHABARA in Tokyo,there were Quadra650,LC630,
But I didn't buy. Before buy, I want to hear advices from you all.


Naoki Kobayashi (ntsu9121@dd.catv.ne.jp)

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