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Re: Poor quality of Debian/m68k CD image..?

Christian wrote:

> Hmm, I think I have to correct myself. Image date looks ok, I didnt find
> anything newer...
> Did you try to mount it loopback? Is it still half empty then?

Yep, tried that of course. At first I thought my CD-R could be bad, but
it's just the same with the loopback-mounted image. Maybe it just got
corrupted on ftp.debian.org at some time and was propagated to the
mirrors from there without anybody noticing? Anyway, that wouldn't explained
why all of binary-all/ is missing.

> I wonder where I got my images from, it was from the main server, but I
> forgot now where/how I got that.

I intentionally used a "public" official server, not master.

> BTW Chris has been creating his own images AFAIK.

Aha..well, the README.1ST on that image listed his name, so I thought
he was responsible for it..sorry then.


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