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Poor quality of Debian/m68k CD image..?

Hi folks,
I've been out of the Debian (m68k) development for quite a while now, but
I decided to go to the Linuxtag in Kaiserslautern, Germany from Jun 25th
to 27th, and want to demonstrate Debian on my rusty Amiga there.
Now, in order to catch up a bit with recent development, I got ahold
of the official Debian/m68k CD image(s) from one of the mirrors
(sunsite.auc.dk:/pub/os/linux/debian-cdimage/2.1_r0/m68k) from March 7th.

I burnt a CD with this image and checked out a couple of files - and, uhmm..
well, I'm a bit disappointed. First, it is a 650 MB image, but when mounted,
has got just 226 MB worth of data. Why? Well, the whole binary-all
directory branch is empty. Why's that? Intentional omission?

Then, I found that a couple of text files seem damaged, like
install/amiga/clgen.txt (garbage at end of file)
install/ReadME_First! (garbage at beginning of file)
install/amigainstall.lha (Checksum error)

Also, just discovered that many *.debs also contain garbage
data in them (mostly the hex numbers "6db6 db6d"), rendering them
totally useless.

Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? I know Chris sells CD-Rs of this,
most probably without those bugs. Any chance to put updated images onto
Debian ftp servers, Chris?


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