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Re: X display; xdm; wmaker; windowmaker; twm

> If startx isn't found by bash my bet is that the xdm man page won't be
> very helpful either. startx is in xbase-clients, so xbase-clients probably
> wasn't installed. Lots of packages (X fonts, even one window manager)
> depend
> on xbase-clients so my guess is the whole X install won't be very
> functional
> anyway. I doubt that reading the xdm man page carefully would have told
> anything about this (the way X components are broken down into these
> packages is pretty Debian specific I think). The section in the Debian
> release notes about the 'Great X Reorganization' is probably more helpful
> here.
>         Michael

Yes, I stumbled on to the Great X Reorganization the other day, and as I
was trying to apt-dselect from 3/9 to 4/15, I probably missed a few
things. I'll re-read my install script and apt-get as necessary.



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