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Re: Problem with Installation

I would suggest that you copy the necessary files from the CDROM to an
Amiga partition (under AmigaOS).  Then retry the installation and specify
that the file are on the Amiga partition.

If this works then it is likely that you are experiencing a SCSI problem
related to:

1.  The original SCSI spec did not specify timing requirement for 
    initialization sequences (and the Amiga SCSI is about the fastest
    controller there is when it comes to initialization).

2.  There are problems with many of the Western Digital SCSI chips used
    in the Amiga's.  These problem seem to crop up with certain drive
    combinations and are usually worse with Linux than with AmigaOS.

3.  There is (was?) a bug in the ROM code that initially identified the
    drives on the bus.  The Amiga made an incorrect assumption about the
    size of one of the inquire responses and also did not "clean" the 
    response buffer.  The result was that the controller initialization
    code could use part of one drive's response in the configuration
    information for a later drive.  It was a rare problem because 
    usually the drive responses were the same length.  I do not know
    if this particular problem can affect Linux at all however since
    I do not know if Linux retains any of the Amiga's initialization
    data for the SCSI bus or not.

4.  Your termination sounds right if the controller termination resistors
    are also installed.

Although my experience was on an Amiga A3K and I used a MagOptical instead
of a CDROM, I had exactly the same behaviour.

On Sun, May 09, 1999 at 11:36:05PM +0200, Hans-Joerg Frieden wrote:
> Here's my setup and what happens:
> I have an Amiga 2000 with a Blizzard2060 card. No external units are
> connected, the internal chain looks like this:
> UNIT 0 is a IBM DCAS-32160 2G drive
> UNIT 2 is a Seagate Medalist 51080N 1G
> UNIT 3 is a Sanyo CRD-254S SCSI CD-Rom drive
> UNIT 4 is a Fujitsu M1606S-512 1G drive
> The CD-Rom is terminated, and the units are connected in order 0,4,2,3.
> I've tried installing on unit 2 and 4 so far, with no success. Here's what
> happenes:

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