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xfree86- for _TESTING_

Hi folks,
anybody of you daring? I have (nearly) completed the build of xfree-,
you can find the debs (for the moment) on (when you dont find
them there, maybe the server is down or the debs are allready available on
the debian servers).

It seems that you _have_ to edit XFConfig to get X going this time, here is
what I entered, testing the 16 bit support for the CV3D (yeah, it works in
16 bit on my A2000, how do I know? Rocks'and'diamonds works now!)

Section "Screen"
    Driver      "fbdev"
    Device      "Linux/m68k Frame Buffer Device"
    Monitor     "Generic Monitor"
    DefaultColorDepth 16
    SubSection "Display"
        Depth       8
        Modes       "default"
        Virtual     1024 768
    SubSection "Display"
        Depth       16
        Modes       "default"
        Virtual     1024 768

You find these entries at the bottom of XF86Config, set DefaultColorDepth to
what you intend to use (-bpp did not work for me...) and be sure to have a
Display subsection with your color depth and some Virtual screen size.
When using default as Modes, you do not need a modeline, but Virtual has no
I did _not_ have to change the Monitor settings for this, I only had to
change the DefaultColorDepth and Depth in the Screen section. Maybe it has
been the same for the release, if so sorry for the mis-information,
but I dont think so, I had xfree- running before changeing XF86Config

WARNING: dont blame me if anything goes wrong with these debs, Branden says
it still contains some nasty bugs allthough it has been working for me so


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