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Re: X display; xdm; wmaker; windowmaker; twm

Stanley Long wrote:
> > Please don't mess with XF86Config. Copying XF86Config.eg from
> > /usr/doc/xserver-common/examples (if my memory serves me right)
> Michael, I am getting up-to-speed on a K62/-333 Linux box with SuSE.
> The AGP video card is not supported, but its chip set is (Trident-985).
> It has not been possible to make things work with the approved setup
> utilities, even though the video chip set is in the ..._SVGA driver.
> Manually editing the /etc/XF86Config so as to add the proper mode
> lines is an approved and successful solution.
>   I have 800x66, 1024x768, and 1200x1024 on this 17" KDS monitor.

Stanley, this is the _m68k_ Debian list, and all m68k machines use the 
framebuffer X server (XF86_FBDev), not the SVGA server. There is a
difference between the framebuffer X server and all others, in that the 
framebuffer X server relies on the kernel framebuffer device to be set
up in a particular resolution, and to inquire that resolution from the
before memory mapping the framebuffer device (using the size as provided 
by the kernel). 

Unless the kernel knows how to change the display resolution (in which
there are interfaces exported by the kernel for use with fbset, or by
a specific framebuffer device for a predefined mode), changing the mode
in the X config file won't do anything for you. The framebuffer X server
ignores those modelines, at best. All it wants to see is the default mode

I know that X configuration on i386 involves changing the modelines in the 
config file (I've tweaked X screen modes on my PC before Linux was
For m68k, and especially on machines where you can't change the screen
resolution in Linux, my above statement is still true: there's no need to
change the config file beyond mouse related things.

And you don't have to take only my word for it, you can read the m68k FAQ:



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