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Re: Which JVM can I use?

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Thomas Adams wrote:

> > Hence, you may need to get guavac or pizza seperately to compile the java
> Speaking of guavac. I've seen this in the list of available packages but
> couldn't install it because it depends on a JVM which m68k slink doesn't
> provide.

That's odd.  How did you install it?  I downloaded the .deb and used dpkg.
guavac shouldn't require a JVM as it's just a compiler.  It may require a
set of classes (the classes.zip supplied with guavac is just stubs), but
IMHO shouldn't *require* a JVM.

At first when I just got the SE/30 running I was able to compile java
using guavac and send it to my x86 box (which had the Sun jdk)

> How come that there are programs in the distribution which you can't install?

That, I don't know.

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