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Re: SE/30 not booting

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> Have an SE/30, 8MB, VM off, only extension is Mode 32.

Hey, wow!  So do I!  ;-)

> I'm using the Penguin-17 booter, but can only get linux to come all the way
> The 2.1 kernal (not booting) is
> 	vmlinux-2.1.131-990102.gz
> 	It hangs up after leaving the Penguin booter and displays a black
> screen with white text, which is where she coughs.

Try vmlinux-2.1.120-980924.gz.  "Work(ed) for me".  Oddly enought, I
couldn't get this kernel to boot yesterday; perhaps the Mac sensed that
the Pentium cross-compiler is almost ready?

> The 2.2 kernal (not booting) is
> 	vmlinux-2.2.3p1-19990413.gz
> 	Quickly after leaving the Penguin booter, it freezes with just a
> gray screen.

Notice that his grey screen is actually the startup screen.  I think this
is a "known feature about to be removed".

> I'd like to get linux/m68k running on this SE/30, but hamm distribution
> seems to have disappeared off of the ftp mirror sites, and it looks to me
> like the slink and potato distributions won't boot my SE/30. Am I using the
> wrong 2.1/2.2 kernals? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.

Debian 2.1 does NOT require a 2.1 kernel; it's just a coincidence that the
numbers are close to each other.  You should be able to use the 2.0.36
kernel to install.

Be careful using tricky screen calls however; the 6x11 font is broken and
will do funny stuff without warning if you:
-edit text in the middle of a line
-scroll up or down a lot
-hold your nose the wrong way

Hence, a 2.1 kernel is desirable from this aspect as it lets you use the
VGA8x8 font.  I couldn't get 2.0.36 to use it.  The downside to the nice
fast font is that you can't see the whole screen at one go.


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