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SE/30 not booting


Have an SE/30, 8MB, VM off, only extension is Mode 32.

I'm using the Penguin-17 booter, but can only get linux to come all the way
up using the 2.0 kernel.

The ram disk I am using is:

The 2.0 kernal (which works) is
	It boots, lets me log on as root and execute commands :-)

The 2.1 kernal (not booting) is
	It hangs up after leaving the Penguin booter and displays a black
screen with white text, which is where she coughs.

If it's of any value, the vidaddr; _stext; bootinfo; and cpuid (which
display at top of frozen screen) have a common value of 00000002

Also on the screen is a bunch of mmu stuff, including an error message:

mmu_map error: 00001200 00000009 00000049 00000000

The 2.2 kernal (not booting) is
	Quickly after leaving the Penguin booter, it freezes with just a
gray screen.

I'd like to get linux/m68k running on this SE/30, but hamm distribution
seems to have disappeared off of the ftp mirror sites, and it looks to me
like the slink and potato distributions won't boot my SE/30. Am I using the
wrong 2.1/2.2 kernals? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly

Michael A. Peters

Michael A. Peters


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