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Re: Installation Error: OUT-OF-TIME

Hi David,

you wrote:

>>I found it took a long time too.  The biggest waste of time was when it
>>got emacs to byte compile stuff that I will likely never use.
>Continuing on that thought.. is there a way to install only one version of
>each package? I found that during configure I did several window managers,
>several editors, mail apps etc... and I also let my install go overnight,
>figure about 18 hours total.

Yes, of course there is a way. You only have to provide your own selection
of packages in the 'dselect' program. But for a 'Newbie' it may be
difficult to select the right ones. Selections may be very time consuming
too, because there are ~2500 packages available.

If you are (relytivley) new to (debian) Linux it will be better to take a
predefined system in 'dselect' and later on - when you know what you need -
you can do your own selections.

Installing a Win9x-system on a Pentium, with the same functionalty as an
average Debian-systen, would take much more time than installing 'Debian'
on a m68k-machine.

Have a nice day,


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