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Fw: slink_cd about ready to go

Where can I get the CD distro of m68k Debian?  None of the major vendors are
including the m68k arch on their distro.

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Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 8:16 AM
Subject: slink_cd about ready to go

OK, we should now be able to produce working installable CDs for all 4
arches, assuming the mirrors are up to date and the last few missing
packages are compiled up. Woo!

I've got install stuff from all the boot-floppy teams. Thanks for all the
hard work guys...

Just a last couple of things to make this look really good for release:

  I've got README.1ST files for m68k and i386 - _small_ text files giving
  people a quick start, or a pointer to longer docs. I've attached them
  here for reference. Can somebody from each of sparc and alpha please
  give me similar ones for those?

  Is there any way of getting silo to work on platforms other than sparc?
  Otherwise the images will always have to be made on sparcs.

  And similarly for alpha - I have an i386-specific version of
  isomarkboot, but no source or binaries for other platforms.

And I believe that's it. I'll have slink_cd 1.09 out later today. And then
I'm going to go to bed. For a week. I'm hitting a tight deadline at work
this week (which is why I'm in at the weekend), on top of the slink
release. Aaaaaaaaargh!

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