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sformat and /dev/sd?

First, I wish to thank the debian-m68k maintainers for their work: it was so
easy installing it on a MacIIci w/ E-machines T-16 video and internal and
external SCSI.

What I don't understand is how the sformat command is supposed to work in
GNU/Linux. I tried many different invocations, but the particular error I got
was the complaint about no /dev/scg? devices. I know that I have got /dev/sda
and /dev/sdb as my internal and external hard drives, respectively. Dejanews
queries only turned up the fact that /dev/scg? is used in Sun systems. Does
anyone know how to use sformat in GNU/Linux?

BTW, I know that sformat is rarely necessary, but my external drive does have
bad-block problems, and sformat's docs boast quite a bit about its capabilities
along those lines. Right now, I'm just making do with mke2fs -c /dev/sdb.

Again, thanks you guys--it's so cool running a good OS on this machine now! :)

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