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compiling debian packages

I've got an amiga 3000 with an 060/66 that's sitting around doing nothing,
and I'd be happy to have it compiling debian packages, if whoever is in
charge of that would get in touch with me and let me know how to set it

I do, however, have a very small favor to ask from the linux-m68k
community that's already given so much.  I have a small lan, but no
ethernet card for my amiga, so I need to connect it with slip.  I have a
multifaceIII card, but the way the mfc driver is set up now I can only get
38,400 from the 9 pin port, which is the one I use.  If someone with a
little more kernel knowledge than me could give me a diff file for
switching the high speed port to the 9 pin, I would be extremely greatful,
and I could get packages out even more quickly :)

Thanks in advance,


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