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kernel 2.0.36

last week Jes has released kernel 2.0.36 for m68k. I have built debian
kernel-image debian packages for amiga and atari, I would be very happy if
somebody could test them and tell me about success or failure, especially
somebody with an atari, as I can test only the amiga image.

The kernel-images are available from:
Install the relevant file for your machine with dpkg -i. To boot the new
kernel (with amiboot), you have to copy the vmlinuz-2.0.36 from /boot to
your amiga partition and run amiboot with that file. Something similar
should be valid for atari.
The amiga image is running fine for me (A2000, Blizzard2060, CyberVision/3D
in Zorro2 mode, Catweasel IDE, Ariadne2 (see problem below)). Lots of other
hardware should be supported by the kernel, see /boot/config-2.0.36 for
The atari image should support the same hardware as the debian precompiled
kernel for 2.0.33pl1.

Modules problem:
some drivers are compiled as modules, ie ariadne2. When my amiga boots, I
get the message eth0 device not found or something, since modules are loaded
only later? This does not happen with the network module on i386, does
somebody know how to correct this behaviour?
Fix: after booting, do as root: 
	insmod 8390 
	insmod ariadne2
	/etc/init.d/network start


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