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Re: NEWS for debian-boot

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > As long as mkhybrid has a way to write MacBinary or BinHex files to the
> > HFS view of the fs and convert them in the process, fine. What disk names
> > are possible for ISO, i.e. can we use "Debian/68k 2.1" ??
> I think the / would break on Amigas (it's the directory separator);
> maybe "Debian_m68k 2.1" or "DebianM68k 2.1"?

Or Debian-m68k 2.1? No problem. Only a ':' would be illegal for MacOS :-)

See Brad's mail I CC:ed you on for the detailed mkhybrid tricks.

> > We just need to make sure the install and main stuff fits on one CD. Do you
> > think that can be done ??
> I don't know if /all/ of main will fit on one CD on m68k.  I'll try my
> damnedest though.  My guess is that a lot of the docs packages could
> be pushed onto a second (read non-essential) CD.  I've already saved
> about ~20M by throwing off the useless kernel-source packages for
> versions other than 2.0.33.  BUT I can't say anything definite until I
> have everything here...

The Docs aren't really required to have on the main CD. If we're really 
tight with space moving x11 over to the second CD might help a lot, but 
that would make life miserable for X users perhaps.


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