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Re: 475/476/605 Serial "Reboot"

crisbill@lightlink.com wrote:
> After playing around with this for awhile, I would say that I'm liable to
> get rebooted at any moment during a PPP session, not just when there would
> have been a furious rush of data. On one occasion I managed to get a 14000
> byte
> file.

That looks like a very interesting design feature on that series of Macs. 
If someone can give me a clue as to what possibly is special about these
machines I can try to add some debug code to the kernel. Right now, we don't
even know for sure it's a problem with interrupts.

> >Try reducing the serial rate to 19200 baud. I've tried data rates of 38400
> >on
> >a slower Mac (SE/30) with no ill effects
> Didn't help on my 476.

Even slower rates? Copying the file to a ramdisk to avoid disk I/O if at all
possible? What _does_ help?
> BTW, when I tried poking around with setserial, I got nowhere:

Possible; setserial assumes a serial chip like the one in PCs, plus port
based I/O. Someone needs to seriously rewrite setserial. Try setSCCserial
instead, should be available as a Debian package or part of a package.


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