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Samba and NT Wkstn?

I know this isn't Debian specific, but don't know a better place
to ask it, so here goes.

The issue is, I have an old laptop (Ibm 755cx) that has WfW, NT 3.51
SP5, and a Linux installed on it.  I cannot connect to any Samba
resource when using NT 3.51, but it all works fine when using WfW!
The response is a dialog box that says "Access is denied" from Samba
1.9.16p11 and 1.9.17p4 when using NT.  Connecting to either of these
and any of their shares is fine with WfW.  Also, using this same NT
connects fine to a machine on my network running NT 4.0 or Win95. It
just doesn't work when using NT 3.51 on the LT and trying to access
any Samba.  Yes, I can telnet to either of the Samba server's and 
login just fine.  I just can't connect to any of their shares using
FileManager when using the NT 3.51.

I've tried enabling the EnablePlainTextPassword that is mentioned in
the FAQ or README's but it makes no difference.  I've read thru all
the info I can find...all to no avail.

Anybody here know the magic?


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