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Re: Clock error message

> When booting Debian I get this message:
> mac_hwclock, get time 0-1-3 0:-1073319956.8011644
> mac_hwclock, get time 10313196-3-0 10313196:9752576.580610
> mac_hwclock, get time 0-0-3 0:-1073319956.8011644
> mac_hwclock, get time 10312470-3-0 10312470:9752576.580610
> What does it mean?

The code to read/set the hardware clock isn't in place yet. The 
output above is echoing the arguments of the hwclock syscall 
to help emulating it. Dead project, the error message will be 
different in future. 

> The clock is also one hour in front of the real time using CET zone.

Check if you have set the GMT offset properly in MacOS (Timezone).


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