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Clock error message


When booting Debian I get this message:

mac_hwclock, get time 0-1-3 0:-1073319956.8011644
mac_hwclock, get time 10313196-3-0 10313196:9752576.580610
mac_hwclock, get time 0-0-3 0:-1073319956.8011644
mac_hwclock, get time 10312470-3-0 10312470:9752576.580610

What does it mean?
The clock is also one hour in front of the real time using CET zone.
I didn't get this message before I installed Debian. 
I used Whatchtower before.
I'm running it on a LCII with 10MB RAM.

Micky Holdorf

     "Besides, Microsoft couldn't even save the universe
      in "Independence  Day".
         It took an Apple to do that.'

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