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I am a beginning user of Linux and would like to become fluent in this 
great OS... anyway I had spent about 3 days attempting to install Debian 
Linux on my SE/30...my last attempt was the farthest I had ever got.  
After installing the Base system and configuring everything, I rebooted 
the OS (which caused a hang, but acceptable) and arrived at the glorious 
attempt of logging in as root.  However, as I typed in a password for 
root my keyboard apparently failed to be recognized; each character I 
typed was displaying raw ADB signals (including the mouse).  After giving 
up to a display filled with ADB signals something apparently set the root 
password (and the user).  NOW when I boot Linux, I am greeted with root 
login, and I have no idea what the password is.  Is there any way to 
reset this or do I need to *sigh* reinstall everything?

For the record (as I said before I'm new at Linux) the installation guide 
warned of a fluke of configuring the keyboard that returns to the monitor 
configuration.  There was a shell command that I had to type on every 
installlation because my machine did the same thing:

echo -n "mac-us-std" > /tmp/kbdconf

I'm guessing that this might be related to my problem?

Take care.

-Josh Lezniak

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