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RedHat 5.1 on Debian 2.0

Hi all,

I'd like to replace Debian 2.0 with RedHat 5.1. My system is a Macintosh 
LCIII, FPU, 36 MB RAM, 4.1 GB HD, 14" RGB Monitor, Global Village 28.8 
modem, HP 520 printer.

Debian works--that is, it boots and starts X--but I can't print or use 
the modem. The colors in X suck too. 

I've got RH 5.1 running n a PC and want the same setup on my Mac.

Can anyone tell me what files I nedd and where they should be installed? 
Do I use the same Kernel with the Penguin booter?

None of this is in the FAQ's.

Thanks for any help


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