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how to recognize the different subarchs.

Hello, ...

the other day, i was using kbdconfig, and when i didn't say no to the question
about reloading the default keymap, i got a default
/usr/share/i8386/defaultkey.map or something similar. this sound like a bug on
m68k architecture to me, and left me iwth aa quite unusable console, and i was
not even able to switch it.

this seemed like a bug to me, so i filled a bug against the kbd package, and
was told that it is possible to use arch specific keymaps instead of i386 ones,
that such things are already done on sparc, but that it is needed to know how
to distinguish between the different subarchs (amiga, atari, mac, others, ...)
to implement it. so since i think it will not be very useful to have an mac
keymap instead of a i386 one, i would like to know how it is possible to
distinguish between the different subarchs (or should i ask this on the
kernel list ?), some /proc thingy for example ??? 

or would it be more meaningful to load the kernel default keymap, are they
subarch specific ?



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