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Debian install on a IIsi not working

Hi everyone,
	Apologies for the mixup and the excess emails to the list.  But
that aside i have a problem, installing debain linux on my IIsi...

	What i'd tried to do is install the base.tgz on a zip drive off of
my linuxppc box.  This did work, but when i tried to use the penguin
booter and actually boot the IIsi off the zip drive during the boot i
recieved a rather unwelcomed "unconfigered.sh".  I did a little reading
and learned that i need to use the installer to "configure" my system. So
i tried that to no avail, i could not get the installer to fit on a pc
formatted disk, when i did uing linux, i couldn't get it to boot using
/dev/fd or /dev/fd0. 
	To sum things up, how do i "configure" the kernel without using
the installer?  If i can get the IIsi to boot off the zip drive i can then
untar the base.tgz onto the hd and reboot using that, then use dftp or
dpkg-ftp(forget what its called) to install the rest of the system.
	Preemptive thanks for any help given.

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