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Re: Anybody working on xfree 3.3.2??


>> > I'll keep abusing them for Mac kernel stress testing - the Atari
>> > IDE-CD bug needs to be fixed, does it still hang after installing
>Roman, Du you know how to fix this bug?

I hope he does - I'd just print a warning on finding an illegal partition 
table (or getting a read error) and skip that disk without attempting
to get user input.

>>> base?? I'll find out, I guess.
>I think this Bug is fixed, but thought this a few week ago...

It isn't. I got the root.bin from the FTP site (Apr. 20 ??) and tried two
variants of install on the Mac. One with changing the sequence of events
(install base immediately after kernel/modules), one with always accepting 
the default 'next step'. Same result: dinstall hangs after install base, 
no new processes show up, dinstall is runnable and current fairly often in
the task list. Not a lot of disk I/O, kswapd seems to be responsible for that.

Kill -HUP or -KILL gives a new dinstall and I can continue.

What does dinstall try to do after base has unpacked? What does it eventually
look for on the target fs?


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