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Re: New dpkg: --force-overwrite is no longer on by default


> I believe I've got gettext, automake and autoconf ... what's the
> problem with lout on m68k

It segfaults trying to process it's own documentation, I wanted to
track it down with efence, but that needed a kernel patch and I didn't
want to ruin my 30 day uptime :-)

Don't bother with the non-experimental version, it also requires
libtool, tetex-*, debiandoc2* (also hosed on m68k, due to a suspected
compiler bug), sgml*, sp, etc.

> and more important: why does the dpkg build depend on something
> that's not available for all architectures?

Well lout *should* be available for all architectures, it's just
broken on m68k atm.  But dpkg _shouldn't_ depend on all this stuff, it
never use to pre-automake, however when someone decided it would be a
good plan to automake-ized dpkg they seem to have truly FUBARed the
build process.

I personally haven't got the energy to go and track down the problem
with the .tar.gz in experimental, and dpkg releases are so infrequent
I've been even less inclined than usual.

> It's precisely the same as I had last time (and I gave up because I
> couldn't find a way to fix the 'missing archtable.h' in the
> makefile).

Go to the top level build directory and simply `find . -name
archtable.h', IIRC there's only one occurrence of each missing file,
so there should be no particular problems.


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