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Re: New dpkg: --force-overwrite is no longer on by default


> > dpkg compiled with the same problems as (which
> > is, as I said earlier, is a lot better than  I've put
> > it up for anonymous ftp at
> I agree: same problems as with plain .19 for me, that is:
> gettextize -f: command not found. 
> Would you kindly explain what I need to install in order to
> successfully compile dpkg, so I can work on the Mac HFS trouble?

get dpkg- from project/experimental.  Compile by
running debian/rules build.  (That should work okay, and doesn't
require gettext, autoconf, automake, and lout (most important, since
lout doesn't work on m68k.)  sudo debian/rules binary-arch to build
the deb; unfortunately this is broken and requires you to cp various
files from the top level to debian/tmp/something, as directed by the
error messages.  Apart from that it should work.

If that's not enough detail, yell.


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