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Re: NcFTP dumps core.

Janne Kiviluoto <jajoki@utu.fi> writes:

> I recently installed medium-sized system from Debian-68k 2.0
> distribution.  NcFTP randomly dumps core after startup, and it's
> Visual mode bugs when pressing enter. I have ncftp_2.4.2-3.deb.

Since ncftp is now free, I'll try and compile a newer version and see
if I can reproduce the problem.
> Another problem rises with kernel-sources -package. The latest
> 2.0.33-6 is the generic platform source-tree, and latest
> kernel-patches is 2.0.33-4 IIRC.

2.0.33-3.  I realised the strict dependency I used was probably a bad
idea and have fixed this in 2.0.33-4, which hasn't been released yet
because I still haven't got round to applying the mac patches.  (I'm
doing this as we speak though)

kernel-patch-2.0.33-m68k (2.0.33-4) frozen unstable; urgency=high

  * debian/control: relax dependency on kernel-source, as the patch applied
    cleanly to 2.0.33-[4-6].  This isn't ideal but it's better than having
    to upload a new kernel-patch*m68k for every new kernel-source.

 -- James Troup <jjtroup@comp.brad.ac.uk>  Thu,  2 Apr 1998 17:22:44 +0200


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