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Re: Debian 2.0 Mac install feedback

> That's a problem that has been reported before. I admit I never
> bothered to look at dinstall to find out what fools the process into
> thinking base was already configured ...

I just looked into it (have the source tree unpacked ATM :-), and it
thinks base is configured if /etc/hostname exists in the target
filesystem. Has this file accidentally packed on the base disks?

> The install and the kernel has no way of knowing if there's a
> partition already initialized AFAIK. Even if we keep a list of
> partitions that were initialized in that session, the user still
> might have initialized a partition in a previous session. We'd need
> to test mount all of the potential partitions to figure out which
> has a valid filesystem.

You're right, but there's one exception: If the first partition is
initialized, dinstall offers to mount it as the root partition. And
that is remembered.


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