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Re: Debian 2.0 Mac install feedback

> I just completed the base installation process of beta 2.0 on my
> SE/30. I had no serious problems with the install process


> * The dialog boxes and message files are expecting an 80 column
> console, but some Macs only have 64 columns.

This is a real problem... I don't know the GUI stuff too well, but I
guess a different screen width needs some redesign...

> * The kernel knows I have a monochrome display. There's no need to
> ask about mono vs. color.

The kernel knows, but not dinstall. And there's no easy way to get
this information. (On m68k, it would be possible to open /dev/fb0 and
look at the fb parameters. But on other archs, this isn't possible.)

> * The non-Mac keymaps are superfluous to list as options.

Yep. There should be additional if's where the keymaps are listed.

>  * At a time when the only Linux native partition was already initialized,
> dinstall suggested Initialize a Linux Partition with a higher preference
> than Mount a Previously Initialized Partition.

Hmm... it could be that dinstall fails to detect that your root
filesystem is already mounted.

> * If kernel modules are not supported on the Mac, and none were
> installed, there's no need to configure them.

I think the final version of the install disks will contain modules.


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