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Debian 2.0 Mac install feedback

   Hello, everyone.

   I just completed the base installation process of beta 2.0 on my SE/30.
I had no serious problems with the install process, of concern to me was
that after configuring modules, dinstall told me that the base system had
been configured and suggested that I configure the network.  Other issues
I'd like to see addressed:
 * The dialog boxes and message files are expecting an 80 column console,
but some Macs only have 64 columns.
 * The kernel knows I have a monochrome display.  There's no need to ask
about mono vs. color.
 * The non-Mac keymaps are superfluous to list as options.
 * At a time when the only Linux native partition was already initialized,
dinstall suggested Initialize a Linux Partition with a higher preference
than Mount a Previously Initialized Partition.
 * The search for locations of install disk image files should be pruned at
directories whose names begin with a dot (such as ".resource") or otherwise
managed so as to skip the special HFS directories.
 * If kernel modules are not supported on the Mac, and none were installed,
there's no need to configure them.
 * The system complained about hwclock errors when booting.

   I guess that's it for installer-related issues.  Like I said, no serious
problems, and things worked as expected.  Great job!


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